The new enchantment type “Case” introduces a game mechanic where each Case has a specific condition to be solved. When a Case enters the battlefield, a player must meet the to solve condition by the beginning of their end step to trigger the solved state. Once solved, Cases may have ongoing effects or abilities, such as triggered abilities, activated abilities, or static abilities.

Collect evidence

The new “Collect Evidence” keyword on Ravnica allows players to exile cards from their graveyard with a total mana value equal to or greater than the specified amount N. If unable to meet this requirement, evidence collection cannot be chosen. Once a player announces the spell with the evidence-collecting cost, opponents cannot interfere or remove cards from the graveyard during the process.


The “Suspect” keyword lets players label a creature, giving it menace and preventing it from blocking. The suspicion lasts until the creature leaves the battlefield or another effect removes it. Losing all abilities doesn’t end the suspicion. Copies of suspected creatures aren’t considered suspected, and there’s no limit to the number of creatures that can be suspected simultaneously. Suspecting a creature already under suspicion is allowed.


The Disguise ability allows players to cast a card face down for {3} and later turn it face up by paying its Disguise cost whenever they have priority. The face-down spell has no mana cost, a mana value of 0, and is a 2/2 creature with ward {2}. It lacks a name, mana cost, or creature types. Other effects can still modify its characteristics.


Cloaking a card involves putting it onto the battlefield face down as a 2/2 creature with ward {2} and no additional characteristics. Players can turn a Cloaked permanent face up by revealing it’s a creature card and paying its mana cost. If the Cloaked creature would have Disguise or Morph if face up, it can be turned face up by paying its Disguise or Morph cost. Notably, a Cloaked creature can still be turned face up after losing its abilities.


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